Книги о Фетхуллахе Гюлене и движении «Хизмет» на английском языке

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А здесь вы можете найти список всех книг самого Ходжа-эфэнди, или его книги и изданные интервью на русском языке.

1 Turkish Islam and the Secular
State: The Gulen Movement (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East)
2003 M. Hakan Yavuz and John L.
2 A Civilian Response to
Ethno-Religious Conflict: The Gülen Movement in South-east Turkey
2004 Mehmet Kalyoncu
3 The Gülen Movement: Civic
Service Without Borders
2007 Muhammed Çetin
4 Muslim Citizens of the
Globalized World
2007 Robert A. Hunt and Yüksel A.
5 A Dialogue of Civilizations:
Gülen’s Islamic Ideals and Humanistic Discourse
2007 B. Jill Carroll
6 New Turkish Republic: Turkey as
a Pivotal State in the Muslim World 
2007 Graham E. Fuller
7 Tradition Witnessing the Modern
Age: An Analysis of the Gülen Movement
2008 Mehmet Enes Ergene
8 The Gülen Movement: A Sociological Analysis of a Civic Movement Rooted in Moderate Islam 2009 Helen Rose Ebaugh
9 Islam and Peacebuilding: Gülen Movement Initiatives  2010 John L. Esposito and Ihsan
10 The Gulen Movement: Building
Social Cohesion through Dialogue and Education
2011 Gurkan Celik
11 Wrestling with Free Speech,
Religious Freedom, and Democracy in Turkey: The Political Trials and Times of Fethullah Gulen
2011 James C. Harrington
12 The Vision and Impact of
Fethullah Gulen: A New Paradigm for Social Activism
2011 Maimul Ahsan Khan
13 Mastering Knowledge in Modern
Times Fethullah Gülen as an İslamic Scholar
2011 Doç. Dr. İsmail Albayrak
14 The Gulen Hizmet Movement:
Circumspect Activism in Faith-Based Reform
2012 Tamer Balci and Christopher L.
15 The Gulen Hizmet Movement and
Its Transnational Activities: Case Studies of Altruistic Activism in Contemporary Islam
2012 Sophia Pandya and Nancy
16 European Muslims, Civility and
Public Life: Perspectives On and From the Gülen Movement
2012 Paul Weller and Ihsan Yilmaz
17 Making Peace in and with the
World: The Gulen Movement and Eco-justice
2012 Heon Kim and John Raines
18 Hizmet — Question and Answers on
the Gülen Movement
2012 Muhammed Çetin
19 Gulen’s Dialogue on Education 2013 Tom Gage
20 The Muslim World and Politics in
Transition: Creative Contributions of the Gulen Movement
2013 Greg Barton and Paul Weller
21 Toward an Islamic Enlightenment:
The Gulen Movement
2013 M. Hakan Yavuz
22 Gülen: The Ambiguous Politics of
Market Islam in Turkey and the World
2014 Joshua D. Hendrick
23 The House of Service: The Gulen
Movement and Islam’s Third Way (Religion and Global Politics)
2014 David Tittensor
24 Resource Mobilization in
Gulen-Inspired Hizmet
2014 Sanaa El-Banna
25 Peace and Dialogue in a Plural
Society: Contributions of the Hizmet Movement at a time of Global Tensions
2014 Thomas Michel
26 Renewing Islam by Service: A
Christian View of Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement
2015 Pim Valkenberg